Remembering those passed -  Halloween Night at 9 pm

We are so pleased to have Anne Doyle assist us as an ambassador for 'A Light at Dusk' with Margaret Dunne and Pauline Casey.

Don't forget to light your candle safely at 9pm this Oiche Samhain, take a moment to remember and hold it together apart


City Council through two core projects -

'Holding It Together Apart' and 'The Dockers & Demons' Halloween Festival, have partnered with ALONE, the Department of Rural & Community Development and the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage - to extend a nationwide invitation for the night of Oíche Shamhna.

This invitation to all is to light a candle at 9pm on Halloween night

to remember those who have passed away this year, especially from COVID - 19.

As the veil rises in the ancient tradition of Ireland’s celebration of All Souls we hold a light for those who we have lost,  in memory of them and standing together with the bereaved. A poignant and

difficult time for many, we invite all individuals, families,

neighbourhoods and communities, to hold it together apart

and hold a light in the heart of their homes


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