We have  had a fantastic response to the first week of our Creative Writing Competition. With many different levels entering we have decided to develop two categories:

  1. New and budding writers that have been published and

  2. First time writers that haven’t been published.


The quality of the writing we received was excellent and while we cannot award all who entered we would encourage all to continue to send in entries and we hope to create an archive of all entries eventually on the website

We are delighted to announce the winner of

Category 1: 

 Funny The Oddity of the Odyssey, After Joyce by Damien Donnelly ( Please be advised some explicit language)

Funny, isn’t it- bathing, morning, after waking 

like drowning the dream. Tasting, eating, drinking.

Old pants out, new pants on, up, under, in between,

tightly tucked, so as not to protrude, protract. 

Put away! I’m always center, others are right 

or maybe left. Then coat, car, blow someone a kiss

or kiss yourself in the mirror if no one has lingered, 

stayed, stained the sheets with sweat or that something 

sweeter. And we’re off- out, riding with the traffic, 

rightly tucked and now taut, trying to get through

the thoroughfare- the teasing, the tweezing, the twitching, 

the thinking about all the hours ticking, the tedium, 

the tick, the tit, the tat, the time I stayed 

and he left, the taxi where I held his hand 

while running through other traffic in another town.

And then work. Greetings and coffees and doors 

and cubicles and pissings and shittings, before chairs 

and desks and turning it all on and counting down 

to when you can turn it all off, again, after the meetings 

and lunches and more coffee and more cubicles 

and the odors and distractors and disruptions, 

protrusions and protractors and the tension of the pants 

still taught and all the thoughts in between- buy milk, 

remember not to smoke, want to smoke, smell smoke, 

put it out. Go home, cook, shit, shave, shag or not, 

or more or wish. Use her hands, his hands, their hands, 

Your hands. Anyone’s lips, pants down over hips.

Pull the curtains, hit the light. Save the fucking 

dream you almost drowned this morning. Funny.

Isn’t it.

(See PODCAST  narrated by Anne Doyle)


Category 2:

 Titles” by Emma Hanley

I know not who I am,

Where I am, where I am going.

Winding paths of unmapped roads.

Titles given; titles lost


Wife. Mother.


Great plans of conquered lands become dust.

I watch, complacent, as my will's army lies sleeping,

And I not knowledgeable as to when it may awaken again.


The world lies in a soft slumber, fever fuelled rest stopping everything in its tracks.

All armies of will forced to lay down their weapons.


 Paused. Stagnant.


And with their retreat, the battle has been lost.

And with their retreat,

There will be no acquiring of titles.


Both winners receive a €50 One4All Voucher each, and a €25 Voucher for Books on the Green in Sandymount.


In our first week of the competition however we wanted to give a special award a number of  pieces that stood out to the judges who will receive a €25 Books on the Green Voucher from Sandymount:


Two pieces of prose called


Ultricem Angelus by Melissa Brody (Prose)

Then and Now by Maria McDonald (Prose)


And a special nod from Holding It Together | Apart goes to the following poem.


"Musings of an old man" by Michael Breen


I sit alone upon my chair,

An old man now with greying hair.

I look outside, I feel so sad,

The world I love is hurting bad.

A virus plague is raging by,

It's killing life and people cry.

We have no choice, except to pray,

That things get better day by day.

And yet I know this time won't last,

We'll laugh again, we'll have a blast.

We must pay heed to those that know,

By staying in, it will not grow.

We are a nation strong and wise,

Let's fight this fight

And we will rise!



We also wanted to give a shout out to  8 yr old Nirmayi Kulkarni  who did a lovely illustration of the Fairytale. 

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