WINTER 2020/21 CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION: The quality of the writing we received was excellent and while we cannot award all who entered we would encourage everyone to continue to send in entries.

We are delighted to announce the winners of WEEK 2:

 The Silence by Gordon Ferris  (Published Category)
In like a tornado

three mini whirlwinds
whooshing around

gathering smiles
their departure

will bring tears
of all the reminders

the loudest is the silence
I wonder if in

the distance between us
will they look up at the night sky

and if they see the moon

will they see the same light as I do

 After Christmas by Richard Webb  (Unpublished Category)
The week after Christmas
Dreary fag end of the year,
Cold turkey and left overs.
We walk the cliff path to clear our heads.
A lump in the throat at the airport,
Goodbyes after a time too short.
Clearing up after grandchildren.
Embarrassment of bottles for recycling.
Decorations back in the loft.
Mild days fooling new growth
before the real lash of winter.
Look a bumblebee!
Thirty year state secrets revealed,
Look back on past events.
Old friends well met.
Old friends now gone.
Writers who’ve met their final deadline,
Actors their last curtain-call.
A time of stillness and reflection,
Looking forward to the New Year,
Babies, holidays, a wedding,
Making a fresh start, another interest.
Resolutions made and broken
But always a new beginning.


Winners for our Creative Writing Winter Competition receive a €25 One4All Voucher.