We are delighted to announce our WEEK 3 winner:

 “Hold on to Hope” by Swetha Narayanan 
(Unpublished Category)

When infinite darkness devours you,
Hold onto the blinding ray of hope; 
These dark, weary nights will pass by,
An assuaging golden sun will slowly rise;

A striking rainbow will gently glow,
And all your stars will perfectly align;
Oh friend, tread your path bravely,
With positivity igniting your soul;

For every dawn is a new beginning;
Untwining the despair of the past;
The dusk with its gold shimmer – proof,
That endings lead to new beginnings;

My friend, at the brink of that dawn, 
You’ll behold an estuary, an avalanche,
Of hope - an elixir to a wounded soul,
Deftly caressing all thy woes away! 

Fret not! Your mind is a clear reflection,
Of all your profound ruminations;
Resonating and constantly conspiring,
Your dreams, hopes and aspirations;

Watch the sparks of hope imploring us, 
To shove aside forebodings and fraught!
Preaching to seek an oasis amidst a desert,
And stand strong amidst the eye of a storm;
And these dainty flickers of hope,
Assuaging amidst a deep chasm, 
Will make our frayed hearts flutter, 
Betwixt every faint little flicker! 

Life teaches to accept the unbidden,
And to beat odds with sanguinity;
To dare to hope in times of despair,
And to believe that miracles do occur!

Ergo, culminate an ocean of zeal, 
March on, unearthing your quest!
Gently drift like a sparkling wave,
Whilst crafting your life journey!

My friend! Stride ahead with resilience,
Despite the ghastly abyss hauling you;
Be patient - for there’s ample fortune,
And a fairy-tale beyond the horizon;

For ‘happily ever after’ is often late,
But always arrives like a sliver of light;
And to attain the peaceful shores,
One has to survive the high tides!


- Swetha Narayanan


Winners for our Creative Writing Winter Competition receive a €25 One4All Voucher.