The Covid 19 Crisis has plunged many people into deep grief and loss for many different reasons. At the core of the crisis are those who have sadly died directly from the virus. The families, friends, colleagues and communities that these individuals lived in have faced an unprecedented situation in dealing with the death itself, the funeral and mourning. Our Irish rituals of sitting with the dying, waking our loved ones with the community and holding a funeral which celebrates their life and brings closure in many ways, has been thrown into deep strife. The lack of the normal rituals, processing and dealing with death in the usual way and dealing with the issue of the Covid 19 death, has brought very deep and profound challenges and difficulties for many.


For those  who have then lost a loved one from  a natural cause or other illness, the restrictions due to social distancing puts their loved ones and extended circle in a similar situation. Attending a funeral where no intimate hugs, the shaking of hands, the shoulder to shoulder experience or the tea and sandwiches while stories of the departed are shared is absent. These rituals and practices which were often taken for granted are very restricted and many are faced with a trauma on top of the loss.


In our normal world we are all dealing with loss.  The loss of what was our normal everyday lives, the loss of our routines, our regular meetings with family, friends, work colleagues all have changed. The lack of space in our lives, the lack of personal space in busy family homes, or the overwhelming loneliness of too much personal space alone with no engagement with others. There are many different types of loss and grief we are all dealing with through this crisis. Over the coming weeks we aim to partner with a number of organisations to offer assistance to those who feel deep loss.


Milford Care Centre based in Castletroy, Co. Limerick is  a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. It was first established by the Little Company of Mary Sisters in 1928 and now provides Specialist Palliative Care and Older Persons Services in the Mid West. They aim to provide the highest quality of care to patients or residents, family and friends, both in the areas of Palliative Care and Services to the Older Person, as envisaged by Venerable Mary Potter, under the core values of: Justice, Compassion, Respect, Communication and Accountability.

Holding It Together Apart is delighted to partner with the Milford Care Centre and Dublin City Interfaith Forum to support people in loss and grief.

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