We have  had a fantastic response to the first week of our Creative Writing Competition.

We are delighted to announce the winner of week 1 is Lisa Perkins for her poem 'Last Halloween' 

Last Halloween 

Welcome to the clearing friends

I see you ghosts, you ghouls

and earth-legends

Abandon remains of all your souls

You won’t need them

where we must go

Do my eyes deceive me

or is that you Senor Soil?

Your face looks spent, your body bent

your grains are gnarled in dark descent

No plush coat this year

or blossom-bursting buds?

Maybe SPF just ain’t working very good

Social Political Firestarter, factor 20

A human made blend

or an underground ‘festo

Hold that thought, in compos mentis

if any crust is free from sepsis

And who do I see crawling

up from below?

Ah it’s the fracking lines,

sure what do you know

Any gossip for spilling?

Any craic on the scene?

Did they pull off that blinder

twenty leagues under sea?

Speaking of which

anyone seen Sister Ocean?

Poor darling’s diseased,

no cure, pill or lotion

Oh she looks cool and calm

with that body waved head

But did u peek underneath

at the state of that bed?

I know she’s had facials,

detoxed at the edges

But breathers keep plugging

her insides like wretches

Ah lads, it makes me clench up too

But we’ve flooded, blazed

melted and razed

what in the world will more warning do?

‘Maybe their breathing

takes up too much power?

'We’ll go bigger, bolder

Tap a meteor shower!’

Hmm, too slow a show Senor but thanks

Let’s welcome haunted forests

Apparitions dressed as teak

We just cannot fathom how

you like these breathing freaks?

You shade them, protect them,

give bark for their learning

Even while your armies majestic

fall burning

Pleasing their senses though no respect’s given

filling those damn breather lungs

with more living

Maybe we’ll hear from you towers,

but later…

‘Boss, can you hear it?

Stateside’s birthing riots’

The cause human or fungal?

Let’s just watch, be quiet…

‘It’s hard to explain

as it shifts like tectonics

Most of the breathers can’t

see past the tik toks’


So it’s not just us

They’re diseasing their own

What chance have we here

if they can’t see we’re the home

The only one

Like how they see ‘love’

Searching for, living for, breaking apart

Look behind you


It’s Flesh of the Earth

Coming to ground you fools

back to the dirt

You enjoy all our riches

abuse us like heathens

What good is this love

when you can’t even breathe?

Will your self-serving raise you

when the floors are ablaze

When the water is thick

with the poison you made

When the sky is opaque

but you’re already blind

When the animals vanish

you’re the beasts left behind?


These breathers can’t see

And they say love is blind

Right where they choose to be

We’ll wait this one out

for a season or two

See if these breathers

pick up the last clue

If it’s us or them, behold

we’ll turn up the heat

It’s fright night friends

And wonder must cease!

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