Hello Pawrents,

Welcome to Pandemic Pets Week 11!! We are still going strong with lots of dog entries coming into us so thank you for that, but where are all my Covid Cat entries ? Come on feline pawrents and show us your beautiful cats. A big thank you to all that have entered and please remember that if your pet has entered and has not yet been featured, it does not mean that you will not be featured, unfortunately I only have so many prizes each week. So don't give up, we are now into our twelfth week! Time is flying by so get your stories and photos ready for week twelve and send them in to us. This week we have the winner of our popular Keeping Us Together compawtition and a great Pandemic Pet winner so I hope you enjoy them as much as we did judging them.


NOW on to this week's prizes that we have for you, we have prizes for Best Pandemic Pooch and 1 Pandemic Pooch Runner Up, Best Covid Cat, Best Pandemic Pet and Best keeping us together photo/story and a runner up. We also have Stephen from The Pet Parlour with his Bumper Bank Holiday Hamper that he sponsors each week  and also a pamper shampoo kit !  So if you have won a prize this week Stephen from the Pet Parlour will be in contact by Tuesday the 4th of August about sending you the vouchers or about collecting your spot prizes.

Thank you again for all YOUR entries and also I think we should give another big round of applawse to Dublin City Council for having us featured again and also to Sandymount Pet Hospital for their support and great advice AND not forgetting The Pet Parlour for all their sponsorship.


Now on to the winners of Week 11.

Edel Swords  

The winners of week 11 who are collecting their prizes from Stephen in The Pet Parlour are:

Kim Tully with Saga the African Pygmy Hedgehog:  The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Kim shared "Little Saga is an African pygmy hedgehog who joined our animal family after a long wait due to Covid restrictions. She has spent the past three weeks getting settled into her new surroundings,  exploring, making friends and hunting for bugs in her new home. She has started to come out of her shell now and is happiest spending her evenings with some Netflix and quill! 


John Conroy with Sully: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

John shared "What is there to say about Sully - he really is my saviour, best friend and the best dog possible. We got Sully in November 2018. He will be two years of age in September and we are literally attached at the hip. I can’t go anywhere without him having to come along for the adventure. He is hilarious (he’d sell his soul for some food!), loyal and the worst guard dog possible (he loves everyone. EVERYONE!). I have worked in the disability sector throughout Covid and shift work means I’m a home a little bit later in the evening and he is always waiting for me at the front window - and regardless I will always be greeted with excitement, a swinging tail and a fair amount of friendly licks. He is awesome and he has made such a huge impact on my life that I can’t ever imagine not having him and can’t remember the time before I had him."


Jodie Cleary with Bonnie:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher and a pamper shampoo kit

Jodie shared "Here we have bonnie a 14 year old Maltese bichon Cross. She is a sweet heart she loves every one and everything. She is so good on the grooming table so she gets special styles. Here she is in the kitchen showing off her colours."


Áine O'Rourke and with Hari & Lloyd: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Bernadette shared "Meet Hari and Lloyd (kittens) and their buddy Moose (dog)."


Tracey Marlowe with the Daschund Gang!: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Tracey shared "This is Tara my mother in laws dog, the mother of our pups(well they are 11 now) and girlfriend to our dog Seamus. Sadly her mammy, my husbands mother died late  June and she adored her Tara, and she now now lives with us.  She was welcomed by our three dogs and I think by them surrounding her with love has helped in her transition to her new home. We went for a walk on the beach with my daughter who we hadn’t seen since January and Tara had her very own first beach photo shoot. I just love this picture of her. It makes me smile every time I look at her glam shot. 

Tracey Marlowe"


Richie O'Sullivan with Charlie: The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Richie shared "A photo of our dog Charlie the day after his neutering operation sharing a quiet moment with our daughter Dorothy. Charlie came to us a few months after our 14 year old Westie Rosie passed away. "


THE PET PARLOUR HAMPER WINNER - Sponsored by The Pet  Parlour 

Helen Shanahan with Bear

Helen shared "This is Bear and he is a big friendly gentle giant, he is so friendly and playful. Bear is his name and he truly is like a bear. He us a great support dog. Bear is very obedient and never fails to listen. He loves showing off his special talents. His favourite thing to do is play fetch he would play it all day long. He also has learned how to swim in our local river and now when ever he sees water he just wants to dive right in. Bear is always by my side and even loves car rides. Together we have sticking out this pandemic together and exploring and trying out new tricks and games to play together."


Please contact Stephen in the Pet Parlour to collect your hamper as he will have your details.

The Pet Parlour