Hello Pawrents,

Welcome to Pandemic Pets Week 14! We are still going strong with lots of entries coming into us. Even our Covid Cats came back to us this week in great numbers so much so we even have a Covid Cat Runner Up! So another big thank you to all that have entered our compawtition again, but please remember that if your pet has entered and has not yet been featured especially this week as yet again we had a high volume of entries, it does not mean that you will not be featured. Unfortunately I only have so many prizes each week so don't give up, you will automatically be entered into next week. I can't believe we are into our fifteenth week next week! Who knew we would have such amazing owners and animals entering 15 weeks later and we are still holding it together apart, don't forget to get your stories and photos ready for next week and send them in to us. 

NOW on to this week's prizes that we have for you, we have prizes for Best Pandemic Pooch and Pandemic Pooch Runner Up, Best Covid Cat and Covid Cat Runner Up. We also have a  Best Pandemic Pet who is an adopted seagull who now lives in a house in Skerries as a young gull he fell from the nest. The home owners nursed him back to health but unfortunately  Mammy and Daddy seagull flew away so Speckles is now a Skerries resident . We also have Stephen from The Pet Parlour with his two hampers that he sponsors each week ! The hampers are going  to two best boys, Arlo the lovely red boxer entered himself and his friend Walter Boxer into the compawtition hoping to win some treats for the two of  them. Apparently this dynamic duo have taken up swimming in the park to keep active during covid and love getting their humans wet with river water and drool.  The two boys have won themselves hampers and as an extra present their pawrents are receiving 2 shampoos sets to make the boys smelling more pawsome than ever,  lucky them!

So if you have won a prize this week Stephen from the Pet Parlour will be in contact by Tuesday the 25th of August about sending you the vouchers or about collecting your spot prizes. 

Thank you again for all YOUR entries and also I think we should give another big round of applawse to Dublin City Council for having us featured again and also to Sandymount Pet Hospital for their support and great advice AND not forgetting The Pet Parlour for all their sponsorship.

On another note we would love to hear from our previous entries and winners with pupdates and pictures on how they are getting on with their new found fame.  We hope the pawparazzi are not hounding you too much!  Also we would love as many people as possible to like our Instagram page and send in comments please.  


Now on to the winners of Week 14.

Edel Swords  

The winners of Week 14 who are collecting their prizes from Stephen in The Pet Parlour are:

Peter Behan and speckles the Seagull:  The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Peter shared "We had a seagull nest on our roof during the lockdown and this little guy decided he wanted to learn to fly early. However it didn't work out to plan for him and he ended up in our garden. He wasn't injured but wasn't able to get back to the nest.  So he took up residence in our garden for the duration until he was able to take off.  He would greet us every morning at our patio window and very happy to get our leftover scraps. Mum and Dad kept a close eye on him from the nest. We named him Speckles.


Dúrla Hanley with Jigs: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Jigs shared "My name is Jigs, and I’m a 6 1/2 year old Westie. Before lockdown began, I enjoyed lying on the couch and a long walk. Having all my humans at home was a welcome change from my mundane daily snoozles and I began some new hobbies and made some new friends. My dog-mammy (Dúlra) and I started agility classes (which I LOVE as I get to see all my best doggie friends) and we’ve started canicross running too. She’s gotten me many new stimulation toys to play with while they’re working, including a ‘Licki-mat’ and my new best friend Ms. Piggie, which you’ll see me with below. I’ve had a great time during lockdown and my mammy tells me that I’ve kept her sane through it all! "


Clara Peters with Penny:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Clara shared "This is Penny, she's one years old. She loves adventures up the mountains, at the beach and about anywhere that she can follow a scent. Food is her true love and she will do anything for a lick of peanut butter. "


Rachel Burke with Bowie Bang Bang:  The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Rachel shared "This is my ever regal cat Bowie Bang Bang. Originally given to me by a friend as a fluffball of a kitten , he has become my great little pal. During lockdown we have worked closely together and have now expanded his repertoire of tricks . Bowie can sit, turn, give the paw, give kisses and walk through a hoop on command. Yes we may have had too much time on our hands! Bowie Bang Bang has also mastered his own trick of charming all of our neighbours in exchange for treats. He makes regular cameo appearances on work zoom calls and is always dressed for business ( being a tuxedo cat of course!). His cheekiness brings a smile to many peoples faces which is needed now more than ever and he just relishes the limelight. "


Anne Hogan with Madonna:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Anne shared "This is my cat Madonna. She used to belong my grandparents but came to live with us a few years ago. We think she’s 12 years old. She loves pillows, carpets, and anything warm and fuzzy. She spends most of her days sleeping and snoring or purring as loud as possible. She has a remarkably soft coat and is always up for a belly rub!"

THE PET PARLOUR HAMPER WINNERS - Sponsored by The Pet  Parlour 

Helen McDaid with The Dynamic Duo of  Sir Arlo McDaid and Sir Walter Boxer

"My name is Arlo and I am 3 and a bit, I have been the bestest boy through the covid-19, my hoomans would agree I am sure!!!!!! I got the bestest news when I could go 5km ! I could  meet my best buddy Walter Boxer, I have taken my family on many adventures since.... You can see my adventures on insta" and my friend Walters instagram adventures are on walter_boxerdog
Walter and I love the mountains and playing in the water, one time we even entered a pet dog show for us doggos and our hoomans had to walk around Bushy Park, it was great fun and our Mammy's were so proud as Walter and me got prizes. 
Big licks and drools from Arlo x

Please contact Stephen in the Pet Parlour to collect your hamper as he will have your details.

The Pet Parlour