Hello Pandemic Pet Pawrents,

Edel here one of your judges with the results of the compawtition. Before we begin I would just like to thank everyone  of you who entered. We have had over 200 entries so far, which was well above our expectations.  We decided to cut off this week's entries on Friday morning @ 8.00am and put any entries received after this into the following week's compawtition. Each week's winners will be announced on Monday evening at 8:30pm.

Also all of the entries we received that didn't receive something this time are going to be put into next week's compawtition. I was amazed at the time and effort that you all put in to this, I thought this was going to be an easy job, but it was far from easy let me tell you.

Also for a bit of extra fun we are adding an extra "Video" category to Week 2 of the Pandemic Pets competition:


To do this challenge you need to put treats in front of your poor unsuspecting animal while recording them, then you leave the room for 30 seconds and see what's left! There will be a prize for the winner. Below is an example so you can get the idea of it. Good Luck with this you will have great fun.

Now to the...
Stephen from The Pet Parlour will be in contact with you over the next few days about receiving your prizes. I hope everyone will agree that the final line up is a nice mix of our Pandemic Pets. 

Thank you again,

Edel Swords 


So here we go in the correct order, The Pet Parlour will email the lucky winners their vouchers and the spot prize hampers can be collected at The Pet Parlour - 88 Terenure Rd N, Terenure, Dublin, D6W VY73. Please contact Stephen in the Pet Parlour to arrange pick up.


Cary Nel with the B girls The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher
Cary shared" My beagirls and I joined in on the Down Dogs for Dogs Trust yoga challenge for the month of April. We reached 300 Down Dogs and raised €200 for Dog Trust in these tough times. Artemis and Ella-Fitz were absolutely over it by the end of it, Artemis was particularly annoyed that I wasn’t getting the poses correct like she was!"


1. Lisa Mahony with Molly The Collie: The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Lisa shared " This is my dog Mollie the Collie ....a rescue from Dogs Trust.  She's hilarious...obsessed with playing fetch, swimming, destroying bubbles, and generally up for anything. Love her to bits."

2. Monica Grogan with Cindy + Teddy: The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Monica shared "This Cindy and Teddy, both resue dogs. In all honesty they are our saviours. They both have kept and loved our family for many years. Unconditional love is a rare gift and each dog gives it with abundance. Both dogs have helped support this family from the time they arrived into our house, they are more then pets, each dog is our friend and part of our pack."

3. Michelle Whelan with Hero: The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Michelle shared "All I have been doing since mid March is taking photos of my pet, my Shiba Inu puppy - Hero! I don't know what I would do without him, particularly during this time! We would love to win a voucher for The Pet Parlour - it's his 1st birthday on June 5th so he needs to be treated!"


Ali Neary with her rescue cats: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher
Ali shared " Ox is about 18 months old, himself and his brother Mo were rescued by Aughrim Cat Rescue who we adopted them from in December 2018. They were found with a very advanced case of cat flu and have permanent damage to their eyes and limited vision as a result but they are the two happiest little fellas and Ox loves nothing more than a bit of wet food, a scratch behind the ears and completely disrupting my work from home days!"


Maxine Kurtz with Gomorrach: The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Maxine shared "This is my lovely feline companion, Gomorrah! She's just reached 5 years old and we've been travelling the world together for nearly 3 years now! She's the best travel companion I could hope to have and a celebrity at airports. Gomorrah loves to go on walks outdoors on her lead and is very cuddly. Unfortunately, she was abandoned outside by her last owners in unfavourable conditions, but now she's on a permanent vacation and has been to the USA, France, Spain, and Germany! She even has her own passport!"

SPECIAL MENTION SPOT PRIZES - Sponsored by The Pet  Parlour 

1. Tracy Browne and her dog Charlie Browne.

This dynamic duo sent us in a lovely little letter from her daughter Laney, we could not but publish. Read it yourself it will put a smile on face. Well done from the team here, you have won a beautiful pet hamper sponsored by The Pet Parlour in Terenure. 

***Rocket Ear Charlie***
Rocket Ear is my puppy called Charlie. He runs so fast that one of his ears shoots up like a rocket. My puppy is so small he would fit in your pocket.
Rocket Ear Charlie is brown and cuddly. He was found on the side of a road with his little brother and was brought to the rescue centre and we adopt him from there and called him Rocket Ear Charlie. When his rocket ear shoots up it makes us laugh so much. The faster he runs the higher his rocket ear goes up. We love to play games with him.
Rocket Ear Charlie also has a friend called Ozzy who is a very calm dog as Rocket Ear Charlie jumps all over him. He even tries to bite his ear off. They love to play and chase and run around the house.
Rocket Ear Charlie also yawns so loud we can hear it from upstairs. He is a really funny little puppy.
Rocket Ear Charlie also likes to eat my big sisters stinky socks. When he sleeps he snores like a donkey and looks like a snail in his shell. I love Rocket Ear Charlie so much. I even dream about as a unicorn pup. Where we fly through the clouds on his Rocket Ear back. We fly around the world and back again. We even fly over the rainbow. We fly so fast it makes me feel so dizzy. I love to spend time with my furry friend and his little Rocket Ear. I love him like crazy cupcakes. Woof Woof.
By Laney Browne - Age 7

And another hamper is on it's way to the Pandemic Pooch Babysitter. 

Yes Babysitter!!!


Owner Katie shared "This is Nelly! She has been spending most of the pandemic sitting in the window, spending time with her little brother Teddy!"

Well done to Nelly, when our judges saw those two they knew they were on a winner. What beautiful babies their Mum and Dad have congratulations guys!

Please contact Stephen in the Pet Parlour to collect your hamper as he will have your details.

The Pet Parlour