Hello Pandemic Pet Pawrents,

Edel here again, I hope you are all keeping well and I can see by our huge entry again this week that both you and your pets were busy with 30 second challenges and taking photos for us. Thank you to all of you that entered again this week. It was really ruff to judge and so close! 


This week we have prizes for Best Pandemic Pooch, Best Covid Cat and runners up, 2 Spot Hamper Pawprizes sponsored by our friend Stephen in The Pet Parlour, a 30 Second Treat Challenge Winner and Pet Pawdemic Story and Photo Winner.

Also for Week 3 we are running a PANDEMIC PET TIC TOK compawtition to replace the 30 Second Treat Challenge. We received an entry this week from Rachel Wells and her dog Niffler it was a tic tok and hence the idea was developed. So well done Rachel and Niffler you have won a €20 Pet Parlour voucher. Here is the tic tok, why not give it ago this week.

Alongside our a new Tik Tok category, the Pandemic Pet Week 3 Competition will continue to feature last week's categories: Best Pandemic Pooch, Best Covid Cat, Best Pandemic Pet and Story.
Send all entries to

If that's not enough, the wonderful vet Miriam McEvoy from Sandymount Pet Hospital  will give us some weekly top tips on our pets.
Check out Miriam's tips this week on dogs and heatstroke>>
Miriam and Sandymount Pet Hospital also have lots of Pet Pawrises to give us!!! The pawrises will be 3 cat/dog spot pawrises AND to keep our two legged companions busy a colouring compawtition as well!!

There will be two age groups:

1. Under 6 years olds - Download the colouring page>>  Turn it into your master piece and send it in to us with a short description.
2. 14 year olds and under - Draw a pet or your pet and send it in to us with a short description.

Send all entries to
Deadline for the Colouring Compawtition is  Sunday 7th of June.
We really would like to thank all the Vets at Sandymount Pet Hospital for these beautiful Pawrises. 

Good luck everyone for all your Week 3 entries and strike that pawse! Please remember that each weeks winners will be announced on Monday evenings at 8.30pm. Stephen from The Pet Parlour will be in contact with you about receiving your pawrises. So now on with our wonderful winners of week 2 which I hope you will enjoy.

Thank you again,

Edel Swords 


Rachel Ní Fhionnáin with Jessie the Jack Russell:  The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher.
Rachel shared "Jessie is my new Jack Russell and was rescued by my friend Cian in Limerick last week. Leaving her hard life behind, she sports a new chic Baile Átha Cliath look,  pink harness, purple lead and is currently learning how to brush her teeth! Jessie is cute, friendly, placid and saunters up to strangers. Her beautiful brown eyes are  soaking up  this dog friendly city as she embraces  the smiles from joggers, couples, children eating 99's. She susses out the smells of the city dogs along the canal and laps up water from doggie bowls placed outside so many city cafes. Dublin ain't so bad!" 


Tracy Murphy Wilson with Disney and Mittens:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Tracy shared "Best friends Disney the saint bernard and Mittens the cat, during lock down 2020 waiting hard to get outside."


Lisa Mulvihill with Matilda: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher
Lisa shared "I've attached a photo of my cat Matilda, receiving a "socially distant visit" from Sherbet, our next door neighbour's cat. Sherbet calls for Matilda every morning. It's somewhat of an unrequited love affair but like all great cats she just about tolerates the adoration."


Aileen Fallon with Murty Gunner: The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Aileen shared "Murty’s routine has very much changed in the past few weeks, we live in an apartment and he hides out from us in this box to get some peace and quiet and Murty time."

Beth Dowling with Tchaikovsky (tchai for short) - : The Pet Parlour €30 Voucher

"So this is Tchaikovsky (tchai for short) he was already named when we rescued him two years ago, he was approx 9months when we adopted him. The shelter we rescued him from think he is a mix of a German Shepard / Rottweiler / lab.  He climbs our 7 foot wall if he’s not supervised in the back garden.  He loves chasing cats and squirrels.
He is a big gentle giant but people tend to cross the road when they see us coming.

SPECIAL MENTION SPOT PRIZES - Sponsored by The Pet  Parlour 

1. Sinead Martin with Abbey.

Sinead shared "This is Abbey she is 17 years old. She is a mixed of alot of different dogs. She is an amazing girl. She beat cancer at 13 years old and hasn't looked back. She has helped care for a lot of Cara Rescue foster pups along with her own fur sisters and her human brothers. I am her proud Mammy."

2. Anne-Maire Diffley with Daddy's boy Scooter.

Anne-Marie shared "This is Scooter. He is a 9 year old jack russell/fox terrier mix. His Daddy (Brian Foley) had to go to work after weeks at home and I think Scooter missed him! Scooter loves walks, food, being in the car, food, people, especially children and food! He has previously done some Bark in the Park walks for the Blue Cross but has retired for now."

Please contact Stephen in the Pet Parlour to collect your hamper as he will have your details.


This week we had two lovely Pawdemic Pets who we count as front paw. They will both receive €20 vouchers for the The Pet Parlour.


Firstly we have our very own Pawlence Nightingpaw who visits the elderly in the neighbourhood.
Please read what "Marley's" Mum, Rachel Malone, has to say about her very special pooch: "I am writing to you to enter my best friend Marley into the the competition Marley is a 10 year old rescue dog he is a collie mix and a very special dog. Since the pandemic, Marley has been helping  volunteer with myself to help visit our local elderly neighbours as part of my volunteer work with the red cross. I help elderly and vulnerable people who need assistance and Marley loves to come along and say hi from a social distance of course! 

He loves going to our local park and when he sees an older person he loves to go up and say hello and walk with them it's like he knows that there is a change going on and wants to help brighten someone's day. People see him and they love to stop and have a chat with him, especially when we go to the park at the same time and see the same people. As a rescue dog he really understands the value of love and care and he is giving back through this hard time. I think that Marley is regarded as a front line worker just like me! "

Also on the front paw, well he looks the part is Jill Connolly's Nurse "Arlo"! Jill shares "Arlo is a black and tan English Cocker Spaniel.  He loves going for walks, swimming in the sea or the lake and his favourite snack is peanut butter!"

The Pet Parlour