Hello Pandemic Pet Pawrents,

It was another ruff week of judging for me as we had nearly three hundred entries to look at. As for your Tik Toks they were amazing! So I really need to say a big thank you for your efforts and time  as I know it's difficult for animals to do what you would like to get them to do. We decided again this week to cut off entries @ 8.00am on Friday  morning due to the volume we received again, also all of the entries we have received to date will be put back in for judging next week as it's due to be our last week.


Before I tell you about all our great prizes we have for you I would just like to share a thought I had this week, when I was out doing my weekly shop in my car on Tuesday at midday I could not help but notice the amount of dog walkers walking their beloved family pets in the midday heat. The hours between 11am - 4pm are extremely hot and the path surface can burn the pads of your dogs paws, also walking in the extreme heat can also cause your dog heart strain along with other complications. The best time to walk your dog is early in the mornings and late in the evenings, thank you for reading my pet peeve.


NOW on to this week's prizes we have for you, prizes for Best Pandemic Pooch and 2 Pandemic Pooch Runners Up, Best Covid Cat and Best Covid Cat Runner up and a €30 voucher for the best Tik Tok winner. We also have Stephen from The Pet Parlour with his three hampers ( yes 3 this week ) as spot prizes !  So if you have won a prize this week from the above entries Stephen from the Pet Parlour will be in contact by Tuesday the 9th of June about sending you the vouchers or about collecting your hampers.


Then Miriam, our wonderful vet has given us great tips about our pets and Corona Virus and also has spot prizes for two lucky dogs, one lucky cat and prizes for our under and over 6 colouring compawtition winners which was very kindly sponsored by The Sandymount Vet Hospital. So if you win one of our Vet's spot prizes Miriam will be in contact by Thursday 11th of June.

Good luck to everyone for all your WEEK 4 entries and keep striking that pawse for us, we still have lots of prizes left to give away to YOU. Please remember that each week's winners will be announced on Monday evenings at 8.30pm. So now on to the winners of WEEK 3. 


Thank you again for your support and entries.

Edel Swords

So the winners of week 3 who are collecting their prizes from Stephen in The Pet Parlour are:

Siofra Murray with Chino:  The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Siofra shared "Chino has been amazing during this pandemic . He has a lot of fans in my area, as the neighbours and local kids who don’t have animals, love to bring him for walks and swims! He is very friendly and waits by our gate for people to walk by and pet him and give him rubs. Chino is a very popular doggy and loves kids. I really think chino deserves to win this weeks challenge, he is the friendliest dog you will ever meet and just wants to be around people all the time. He loves absolutely anybody that walks by. Chino is truly one of a kind :)"


1. Paulette Louise Williams with Hercules:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Paulette shared "This is Hercules he's 5 mths old . My husband got him as a surprise  for me in February before lockdown heres a picture of him learning to ride the wave in the paddling pool out the back last Saturday. He's never had a professional groom because of lockdown and I'm sure he'd love it!"

2. Ciara with Fudge:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Ciara shared "We saw the competition on Instagram, and this is my boy Fudge, a border collie! He's amazing, throughout all this he has kept me going both mentally and physically. He's kept me active and sane, and we've started up Agility! He's an amazing dog @thepuffytales on instagram ♥️" 


Jessie Sheehan with Moe: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher
Jessie shared "My cat is called Moe and she is 2 and a half. I got her from the DSPCA 2 years ago as a gift from my mum for my 14th birthday.  Moe is a very friendly and loving cat who is loved by everyone she meets. Unfortunately, Moe has gone through a pretty tough time recently. At Christmas time, she developed allergies and had to wear a cone for four consecutive months. Thankfully, she has recovered now and she can now go outdoors again. She is back to her happy, friendly self. Here are some more recent pictures of Moe since her recovery."


Danni Rohde with Piper and Paige: The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Danni shared "Pandemic cats: my two (work from home) office assistants. They sleep on the job (but never miss a Zoom meeting), chew cables, shred paperwork, walk over the keyboard and regularly steal my chair! Piper (black and white) and Paige (fluffy tabby and white) are two year old sisters. They look nothing alike so if I hadn’t seen the whole litter they came from I wouldn’t have believed that they’re related! They’re both very playful and affectionate. Piper is particularly fond of jumping onto my shoulders and even my head whenever I have a towel wrapped around my hair after a shower. Paige is never far from my lap and never gets tired of playing with a dangly feather toy - although the feathers don’t last long. "

John Scott with Mortimer: The Pet Parlour €30 Voucher

"Mortimer, our Old English Sheepdog is just 2 years old has been training as an opera singer during the Pandemic. He plans an international career at La Scala, Covent Garden and The Met but he will never forget starting his career singing with his daddy on the sofa."

THE PET PARLOUR HAMPER WINNERS - Sponsored by The Pet  Parlour 

1. Ana Panigassie with Jerry the dog.

Ana shared "Jerry is a 2,5 year old Jack Russell and has been living with us for almost 2 years now. We adopted Jerry Seinfeld (also known as Gearóid O'Seinfeld, or more commonly as Jezza, proper lad) from the Cat and Dog Protection Association of Ireland. Jezza loves long walks, doggie puzzles and dressing up, especially when it's really cold! He has a vast wardrobe, and dresses up for events like Bloomsday and Halloween. He puts his head and paws into clothes to help us dress him and it is really funny to watch! During quarantine, Jezza is living his influencer days by taking too many selfies and perfecting his puzzle-solving skills. "

AND TWO HAMPERS TO THE TWO BEST FUR PANDEMIC PETS FUR FRIENDS ( they remind me of the movie Twins with Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger) is Artur Bienko with Luna ( Frenchie) and Popek ( American Bully).

Artur shared "Luna (french bulldog) and Popek (American bully) met about 1 year ago. Luna has small dog issues, she barks at different dogs a lot but since she meet Popek she is making progress.

Popek is a gently giant, most lovely dog you could come across, when he has a frizbie nothing else matters. They have become friends since then. They like to go for walks together beside the river or play frizbie. 

During the pandemic they couldn't see each other, Luna wasn't too happy that she couldn't see Popek she give me hints few times by bringing the frizbie to me trying to say it is time for play with Popek.

You can't say Popek's name too loud because any time she hears the name she knows she is going see him. And the same is with Popek.

Popek's parents moved house during the pandemic, we couldn't see him that often any more. But any time she is coming to see her friend she makes the most, eating his food drinking his water playing with his toys, and Popek lets her do anything.  You should see them when they meet each other, the love is in the air."

Please contact Stephen in the Pet Parlour to collect your hamper as he will have your details.


Winners of our three spot prizes from our vet's in The Sandymount Pet Hospital are:

1. Cat category - Winner is Natallie Walsh with Dinky

"Hello, my name is Dinky. I'm a 3 year old tabby cat. I've just moved house and am settling in to the new one nicely. I like sleeping, hunting and sitting in windows."

2. Dog category -  Bruce Mullen with Hendrix and Lizzy

Bruce shared "Hendrix (Named after Jimi Hendrix) is 2 years old, Lizzy (Named after Thin Lizzy) will be 1 In June. They are from the same Mam, so related.  They love hugs, forest walks and jumping in rivers, play fighting, tugawar and eating as much as possible.  This photo is taken from the other side of the fence at our garden and it looks out onto Glencree valley Wicklow and is full of sheep, so they are always gazing dreaming about playing with the Sheep, but thankfully cant get to them. Lizzy had just arrived a couple of weeks before this photos, so it's like Hendrix is showing her the ropes. Although Lizzy seems to be the boss now."

3. Dog category -  Fiona Jordan with the lovely Brandy.

Fiona shared "This is Brandy. He is a rescue dog that I adopted in February just before the world changed. He was very quiet at first but has come out of his shell and has been a great companion during lockdown. This is him enjoying one of our many walks along Sandymount beach."



Fionn O'Neill aged 6 and his picture of his cat Shadow in the vets


Lochlann Ahern aged 3 and his picture of his cat Miime