Hello Pawrents,

I hope this finds all of you and your fur friends well. I thought with many of us easing back into the new norm that we would not have the huge volume of entries which we had previously, but I was wrong! So a big thank you to all that have entered this week and please remember  that if your pet has entered and not been featured yet, it does not mean that you will not be featured, unfortunately I only had so many prizes each week. So hang in there, the entries were of such a high standard that it was another difficult week to judge and I want to say a big thank you for your efforts and keep them coming in for next week, which will be our seventh week. I can't believe we are seven weeks in!

NOW on to this week's prizes that we have for you, prizes for Best Pandemic Pooch and 2 Pandemic Pooch Runners Up, Best Covid Cat and Best Covid Cat Runner up, Best Creative Entry and also just a little fun montage of two dogs ( Cindy + Charlie ) celebrating the pride festival this week. We also have Stephen from The Pet Parlour with his two hampers that he sponsors each week!  So if you have won a prize this week Stephen from the Pet Parlour will be in contact by Tuesday the 30th of June about sending you the vouchers or about collecting your spot prizes. Then Miriam, our wonderful vet is giving us great tips about our pets, so please click on the link and have a look at her advice this week.

Thank you again for all YOUR entries and also I think we should give another big round of applawse to Dublin City Council for having us each week and also to Sandymount Pet Hospital for their support AND The Pet Parlour for all their sponsorship. Now on to the winners of Week 6!

Edel Swords  

So the winners of week 6 who are collecting their prizes from Stephen in The Pet Parlour are:

Noelle Mann with Finn and Pearl:  The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Noelle shared "I would like to introduce my two retired ex-racing greyhounds Finn and Pearl. They have been a great comfort to me as I had to cocoon for months on end due to my health, and couldn't leave the house. We spent some lovely days playing in the garden, sunbathing, and cuddled up on the sofa when it all got a bit too much. It was a relief to all of us when I could walk them again! They may be sick of the sight of the lead at this point though. Both are rescue dogs: Finn came to us after his racing career was cut short by a jammed toe. He is often mistaken for a pony or a cow as he is an enormous goofball of a hound. He's aging gracefully at 9 and a half years old. Pearl was used extensively for breeding and came to us full of mammary tumors and worms. She is technically a HUG foster hound but she's so old now at 11 and a half, that she's not going anywhere. We will cherish her and spoil her now and make sure she has the best final years. I love volunteering with HUG (Homes For Unwanted Greyhounds) and finding homes for these gentlest, laziest of doggies."


1. Jennifer Halpin and Puppy Paws Lola:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Jennifer shared "Her name is Lola she is 16 weeks old a miniature Jack Russell her favourite game is tug a war she loves playing ball too. Her favourite food is chicken,mince and carrots. Lola has brought so much fun to the house during the pandemic."

2. Nikki O'Carroll with Juno and Coco:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Nikki shared "Our ruby girl is called Juno, she is a troublemaker and her favourite hobby is stealing socks from the washing machine! 

Our black and tan girl is called Coco and her favourite hobby is sleeping and eating!!! 

Our girls are both 8 months now, from the same litter and couldn't be any more different to each other!


Eileen McLoughlin with Gizmo: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher
Eileen shared "This is Gizmo, who fell asleep while enjoying a relaxing afternoon watching Netflix and listening to her meditation music, she would love to win this week."


Amy Cooke with Grazer: The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Amy shared "This is our adopted cat Grazer 🥰 he used to live with our neighbours but somehow ended up adopting us. We think he is about 7. He is so friendly and gentle, always wanting a cuddle - the best pet! He earned the name Grazer as he never finishes his meals at once - he just grazes at meal times, all day in fact. He hates his cat box, we think it’s because he knows it means a trip to the vet !  This photo is him doing his best social distance impression:"

Bruce Mullen with Hendrix and Lizzy: The Pet Parlour €25 Voucher.

Bruce shared "Hendrix (Named after Jimi Hendrix) is 2 years old

Lizzy (Named after Thin Lizzy) has just turned 1.

They are from the same Mam, so related.  They love hugs, forest walks and jumping in rivers, play fighting, tugawar and eating as much as possible."

Best Creative Entry Week 6 Bruce Mullen with Hendrix and Lizzy

( All vouchers are to spend in the Pet Parlour, Terenure )

THE PET PARLOUR HAMPER WINNERS - Sponsored by The Pet  Parlour 

1. Orla Punch and Daisy.

Orla shared "Daisy is FULL of love and takes care of everyone!"

2. Gavin Moloney with Buckley.

Gavin shared "This is Buckley, a 2 year old black Labrador who still thinks he’s a puppy."

Please contact Stephen in the Pet Parlour to collect your hamper as he will have your details.


Cindy & Charlie celebrating the Pride festival this week.

The Pet Parlour