Hello Pawrents,

Welcome to Pandemic Pets Week 8!! And we are still going strong with lots of entries coming into us so thank you for that. A big thank you to all that have entered and please remember  that if your pet has entered and has not yet been featured, it does not mean that you will not be featured, unfortunately I only have so many prizes each week. So don't give up. I can't believe we are into our ninth week next week!  Get your stories and photos ready for next week and send them in to us. This week we have a little update on last week's winner - Judy and her Mum sent us in two lovely pictures on Judy enjoying her win on her holidays in Wexford and a lovely little thank you note to Pandemic Pets. Also Hendrix and Lizzy who have featured in previous weeks on Pandemic Pets sent in a photo on their first day at the park since lockdown. Thank you to their Dad Bruce for sending it in to us and for keeping us entertained in the office, we all agree that these two had a ball on their day out. Thank you Bruce from the team!


NOW on to this week's prizes that we have for you, we have prizes for Best Pandemic Pooch and 3 Pandemic Pooch Runners Up and a Best Covid Cat. We also have Stephen from The Pet Parlour with his two hampers that he sponsors each week !  So if you have won a prize this week Stephen from The Pet Parlour  will be in contact by Tuesday the 14th of July about sending you the vouchers or about collecting your spot prizes. Then Miriam, our wonderful vet is giving us great tips about our pets this week on dental care and how to maintain healthy teeth and gums, so please have a look at her advice for this week.

Thank you again for all YOUR entries and also I think we should give another big round of applawse to Dublin City Council for having us featured again and also to Sandymount Pet Hospital for their support and great advice AND not forgetting The Pet Parlour  for all their sponsorship.


Now on to the winners of Week 8.

Edel Swords  

So the winners of week 8 who are collecting their prizes from Stephen in The Pet Parlour are:

Peter Byrne with Poppy Byrne:  The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

"Hello everybody my name is Poppy I’m a 2 year old beagle. I just recently arrived at my new home in Dublin 6 to my new family. They all travelled down to the west of Ireland  as soon as the travel ban was lifted where I was living to come and collect me, I used to be a country gal. I have settled in very well so far I have one big brother in college and a gorgeous sister who is in second year at school. I am not sure what school is but my new Mummy says I will be going with Dad soon so that should be fun I think, but I am not so sure Dad is as excited as me to go. My sister tells me she is the lucky to have me, I think we are all lucky to have each other. I am now getting used to the new sounds and the many people I pass on my walks each day and loving my new city girl lifestyle, I can go to dog friendly coffee shops and to dog parks! Yes a park thats just for dogs, I am so happy. My favourite thing to do so far is to go on long walks with Dad and play ball with my big bro, but as you can see sometimes I just love having a rest

From Poppy Byrne


1. Olwyn Boyle with Dougle:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Olwyn shared "Here is 1 year old Dougle straight out of the bath... 

After a day playing on the green with the kids in the neighbourhood...."

2. Sarah Kavanagh with Jesse:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Sarah shared "Hi this is Jesse he's 16 weeks old, he's my baby since my last dog passed away when I was 7. I'm 13 now and he's the best dog I could ask for, he loves kisses and cuddles and when you cry or lie down he comes over and cuddles you, he loves playing with my basketball and he likes teddy bears. He doesn't like going out the back to go toilet and he doesn't like dog chocolate. He likes pig ears as well - he's actually cuddling me right now going asleep in my bed." 

3. Claire Mellon with Dolly:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher
Claire shared "This is Dolly  my 13 year old yorkie. Dolly's not able for long walks any more so a doggie buggy has been the answer when I want a long walk and she's only able for a small one!!"

Best Pandemic Pooch Runner Up Week 8 - Claire Mellon with Dolly


Laura Brett with Luna: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Laura shared "This is our little princess Luna. As her name suggests she is a bit of a lunatic and we love her for it! She was 3 years old last week! We took Luna in as a stray 2 years ago from a friend who was unable to care for her and she settled in straight away. She is the funniest, most loving cat you could ask for and just loves her cuddles. Her favourite thing to do is sleep especially on any item of our clothing that she can find and has kept us smiling through this crazy time. We would be lost without her."

( All vouchers are to spend in the Pet Parlour, Terenure )

THE PET PARLOUR HAMPER WINNERS - Sponsored by The Pet  Parlour 

1. Jessica Kinsella with Teddy.

Jessica shared "This is Teddy, nearly 4 months. He’s the newest member of our family. He’s a Yorkshire terrier (a mix maybe but we are unsure) maybe a bit of fox in him, he’s a very clever little boy. He has brought so much happiness to our home after a very tough few weeks."

2. Nicole Sutton with Daisy.

Nicole shared "This is Daisy, Willoughby’s sister. Daisy is a 6 year old teeny weenie Yorkie. She would also like to enter your competition."

Please contact Stephen in the Pet Parlour to collect your hamper as he will have your details.


Last week's winners Judy and her Mum Colette.

"This is Judy celebrating her big win while on holidays in Wexford with her Mum and Dad. Judy just wanted to say thank you to everybody and she is very excited to meet Stephen in The Pet Palour and pick out her treats from her voucher" Judy .. "

Also Hendrix and Lizzy and their fist day at the park since lockdown. Thank you to their Dad Bruce for sending this in to us and for keeping us entertained in the office, we all agree that these two had a ball on their day out!

The Pet Parlour