Hi Pandemic Pawerents!!!

Well Pawerents thank you so much for all your entries to Pandemic Pets, we have all really enjoyed judging your furry friends for fifteen weeks now! This is our final week of results of the competition. It has been an amazing journey with you and we've enjoying seeing your beautiful pandemic pets and  hearing their stories and news. However we have to hang up our leads and collars and close our Pandemic Pets Park, as life is clicking into this new norm, some of us are even now back on the school run and commuting into work again each day!

Our last week was a very RUFF week to judge with strong entry from our doggo's and our Covid Cat entries went into double figures so from no Covid Cats entries for a few weeks, to a mighty meow of felines, our cats were the hardest to judge. We even had a ginger cat who was a doppelgänger for Ed Sheeran! Then not to be out done by the felines and K9's our Pandemic Pets (non cat/dog ) has several entries, we even had lizards and snakes. However we did get a lovely Pandemic Pet entry in the form of a letter, photo and video from a cocooning couple who had the pleasure to watch and feed a family of blue tits during the Pandemic. 


NOW on to this week's prizes that we have for you, we have prizes for Best Pandemic Pooch and two Pandemic Pooch Runner Ups, Best Covid Cat and Covid Cat Runner Up and a Best Pandemic Pet. And since it's our last week we have a special treat of double the amount of Pet Parlour hampers to give away!!! 4 in total ( thank you Stephen for all the sponsorship and support )  So if you have won a prize this week Stephen (087 4450947) from the Pet Parlour will be in contact with you by email about sending you the vouchers or about collecting your spot prizes.


Thank you again for all YOUR entries and also I think we should give final big round of applawse to our main sponsors Dublin City Council (especially Declan Hayden) for having us featured again, Stephen and The Pet Parlour for all their sponsorship,  Miriam and Sandymount Pet Hospital for their support and great advice.

Thank you all for making Pandemic Pets so pawsome!!!

Edel Swords.

Mary Behan and with her baby birds:  The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Mary shared "Myself and my husband were cocooning at the beginning of the COVID lockdown. As a result we had more than enough time to watch a pair of blue tits set up home in our bird house. What busy parents they were, first setting up home, then looking after their family of eggs until finally they started hatching one by one. And then it became like a relay with both parents in and out feeding a very loud bunch of babies.
It was lovely watching all the activity in our garden over the following weeks. We wondered day after day when the little ones would leave and hoped we would get to see them take flight.
Finally one very windy morning, I noticed that the birds could be heard all around the garden and thought we must have missed their first flight. But one little blue tit remained in the bird house. He kept calling out to his brothers and sisters cos they had left him but he was too afraid to fly out after them. We watched for ages as the others encouraged him. Until finally he got the courage to take his first step into the great outdoors.
A lovely experience. We wished we could fly from our cocoon too!


Marguerite Hannigan with Rua & Lua: The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Marguerite shared "My two doggies are twin sisters, Rua and Lúa. They are two and a half years old. Lúa was originally called Luna but my friend in Galicia loved her photo and said I should change her name to Lúa -which is Luna in Galego.  They were a gift to me from my neighbours’ daughter as her family couldn’t keep them. I retired shortly after they arrived and until then my cat Mishka (Russian name) and I had lived alone since the passing away of Bruno, our beloved sheepdog. 

My parents are elderly and live near me but as I have no siblings, my pets have truly been a lifeline for me in these difficult times. Mishka loves to curl up with me at night (she’s 10) while Lúa and Rua - who are still puppies at heart - keep me entertained every day. They are extremely good natured and friendly dogs and when I bring them to visit my parents they really cheer them up. In fact, I think my doggies are better known and more popular than I am - when we do get out and about. 

I am sending my most recent pictures of my three pets and one of my two doggies in my garden under the tree where the bird feeders are. They have learned that if they sit quietly under the tree they can pick up and eat the nuts and seeds dropped by the birds when they are pecking at the feeders!! They adore cuddles and am on my lap licking my ears (and phone) as I type this. 

With love and licks from my “girlies” and kindest regards from me."


1. Niamh Healy with Pip:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Niamh shared "This is pip / pippin he loves teddies, squeaky toys and cuddles! When we first adopted Pip from Dogs Trust he was very nervous, he doesn’t get along with other dogs so he had his own pen area, we fell for him straight away with his floppy ears!! Move on 6 years later and you wouldn’t recognize him (can confirm his ears are still floppy) he is the sweetest, most loving dog and all he wants is cuddles and to play in the garden! (Will give you the paw in exchange for treats) this is him with a moose all the way from Idaho! "

2. Elaine Everitt with Alfie:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Elaine shared "This is Alfie my border terrier and he was 3 last March. He has been my true friend during the pandemic. We have sat on the bench together sewing masks and crocheting ear savers. We have been on some wonderful walks together just stopping to admire the views and enjoying the peace and tranquility. I have really appreciated his company and his exuberance for life has kept us going through these times. To have him nudge me awake every morning...come on mum it's a beautiful day.. Let's go enjoy it. He has learnt new tricks and can even bring new pegs to hang the washing out. Not mastered the ironing unfortunately! I love him to bits and could not have got through without him."


Eilis Keogh with Bee:  The Pet Parlour €50 Voucher

Eilis shared"This is Bee the chocolate tortoiseshell cat. She is 5 years old in September. We rescued her from the DSPCA in 2015 when she was a little ball of fur. She was the most shy of her siblings but has since become a loud, demanding yet very lovable kitty! She is now a fluffy cat with a big, quirky personality! As you can see from the videos she loves her food and stands up on her hind legs to retrieve it from her owners (my) hands! She also loves cuddles (the second video) and always prefers to be around people rather than be by herself. She’s really a big baby but likes to act aloof for attention!"


Anne Hogan with Madonna:  The Pet Parlour €20 Voucher

Anne shared "This is my cat Madonna. She used to belong my grandparents but came to live with us a few years ago. We think she’s 12 years old. She loves pillows, carpets, and anything warm and fuzzy. She spends most of her days sleeping and snoring or purring as loud as possible. She has a remarkably soft coat and is always up for a belly rub!"

THE PET PARLOUR HAMPER WINNERS - Sponsored by The Pet  Parlour 

1. Nathan Keogh with Hooch

Nathan shared "This my pandemic pooch Hooch. He is a 11 year Stafforshire bull terrier. He is very friendly and loves to play with his ball and rope.

Hooch would love to win the best photo of your pandemic Pooch."

2. Colm with Lucky & Shadow

Colm shared "My son Lúcas' two sweet pets. Lucky and Shadow
Two rescue dogs brightening up his life. One is playful and the other watchful.

3. Fiona Lynch with Coco

Coco shared "I'm a 3 year old collie called COCO and im just about holding it together living with my humans 24/7 since they started working from home. I used to get a break from them but those days are over and unlikely to reappear anytime soon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 

I'd love some new toys or treats to help 🥰"

4. Aisling Fanning with Archie

Aisling shared "Here’s Archie our mini schnauzer! Been holding us all together these last few months. Archie is 2 years old, his fav things to are wee on every possible bush in the woods and park, play with ALL the other dogs he meets and he gives the best hugs! He has 2 human brothers aged 10 and 11 and he trots around happily after them! He also likes to help out with my husbands work at home as you will see ."

Please contact Stephen in the Pet Parlour to collect your hamper as he will have your details.

The Pet Parlour