February Tips & Tricks

Under House Arrest. Galileo, Aung San Suu Kyi, Dr. Dre, Lindsay Lohan, Martha Stewart, Julian Assange… some of the more famous people who have experienced it. While our current situation is nothing like true house arrest, our battle against covid has us all feeling a little like we are under some weird form of this restriction.

However, many of us are finding ways to get through the monotony and groundhog day feeling. February and brighter spring days has brought the urge for lots of us to Spring clean. There are cupboards all over the country getting cleaned, rooms being renovated, wardrobes being weeded out, out of date products getting the heave ho. A very cathartic process and even trying a new layout of your kitchen worktop appliances can help make it feel like there is something new. Old habits die hard, a change is as good as rest…. or so they say anyway!

While it can be very tough going, and mentally frustrating tyring to cope with ever changing goalposts of an end to lockdown, it is a good time to try and learn new skills and try something you may not have done before. Earlier this month we passed our 100th video upload on the HITA Youtube channel. Here you will find a library of skill based instruction videos to choose from and we would love if you would subscribe to our channel so that you can enjoy our latest videos.

You may have seen this week some controversy on Twitter over Vogue’s latest Givenchy photo shoot with Kendall Jenner, and the criticism of the quality of the photography. No excuse in ways for it these days with mobile devices allowing you some of the best recording and photography options out there. Well you too can improve your skills, this week we are adding a new video on Smart Phone Video Tips & Tricks with HughW Brown and Phillipa O’Hara. This is a really good short instructional video for any budding film makers or visual media lovers. It covers everything from lighting, background, focus, framing the shot, sound, soundtrack, test shots and editing in this fun and easy to follow tutorial.

Along with this we have lots on yoga, gardening and arts and crafts to try help us all keep holding it together apart.


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