Flying High in March

Dia Daoibh a Chairde agus Cead Mile Failte aboard HITA Airlines Flight HI10321 go dti Márta.

Good Evening passengers, this is your Pilot speaking. Welcome aboard and thank you for flying with HITA Airlines Flight HI10321 to the magical, mythical month of March.

Assisting us today we have our dedicated Cabin Service who will endeavour to make your journey of creativity and wellness with us as accessible, comprehensive, engaging as possible under the continued restrictions of Covid 19.

We are presently cruising at 33,333 feet and gladly leaving the grim Isle of February and climbing high with lofty plans and ambitions for the future months ahead.

Those of you on the left of the plane should be able to observe some snow- capped peaks, frozen lakes and pockets of dark misery as we cross into the oceans of feel- good practises and tips for allaying that cabin fever feeling. We are especially delighted to have some VIP’s on board this month-The March Hare, The Spring Equinox and Mars- The Roman God of War. Our cabin manager and crew will soon be going through the cabin to check that you remain comfortable and creative during this time. So please ensure your seat belt is fastened when the seatbelt sign is on, your computer is in the upright position when viewing our videos and of course that you keep wearing your masks and frequently washing those hands.

Please do not communicate with the March Hare in flight, there is a level of instability and he likes to do his own thing!

We have a great choice of food and meal options on our HITA website, check out our Asian Cuisine Section with Eva Pau, and our fabulous fine dining workshop all the way from the National Yacht Club’s kitchen with chef Cormac Healy. We on HITA Airlines pride ourselves in the choice of wonderful and diverse videos available to all. We have over 100 workshops on self-care, dance, yoga, art, theatre, and creative writing to choose from. Check them out on our social media pages and on

Highlights this month will include Celtic Spirituality and Music with Noirin Ni Riain, Shamrock Arts and Crafts with Martin Cahill, and a special hip- hop workshop with up- and -coming choreographer Dylan Holly for St Patricks Day. To the right of our aircraft passengers can now clearly see March coming into view with its lovely green pastures covered in daffodils, shamrocks and frolicking lambs and its weather promising a reliable, Irish mixture of sunny spells, hail, rain, snow, frost, with a scattering of dry, calm periods too.

We will be asking you to check your watches to ensure they are all in good working order as we have a special EU Commission advisory coordinating team on board who will be preparing us for Summertime and recommending all clocks go forward later in the month. The Spring Equinox is overseeing the process. We are not sure if this department’s role will continue in the coming year, but for now please abide by their guidelines.

We do hope you enjoy your time with us this month as we endeavour to ensure you have a comfortable and creative journey on HITA. We now invite you to sit back, relax and ease into the month with us and continue on Holding It Together Apart Airlines flight to the fresh land of March. Go raibh mile maith agut, Slan agus Beannacht .

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